The beauty of you..........

You are rhythm of my heart,
The life of my soul,
The marvel of my mind,
Bond making them whole.

You are delight of my path,
The beauty of my day,
Inspiration of my spirit,
Direction of my way.

You are sweetness in my song,
The step in my dance,
The Divinity in my spirit,
The plan in all chance.

Glory You are in my day,
The moon in my night,
The guide of truth,
Radiant eternal light.

You are a humble man,
You are the Great I Am,
You are the Good Shepherd,
The Sacrificial Lamb.

Lord of the earth You are,
The King of heaven above,
You are Word made flesh,
Yea, You are love.

Who are You, Beloved?
How my soul pants for Thee.
Who are You, Master?
Reveal Thyself to me.

Jesus, You whisper,
Your Name rings as symphony;
Jesus You are,
King of Kings eternally.

You are the passion of my life,
You are my soulís fire,
You are my center, my all,
My one burning desire.

For You I burst into song,
For You I delight in dance;
I submit to Your will,
Never to mine, nor chance.

I live for You alone,
You are beauty of my day;
I follow You alone, Lord,
You are direction of my way.

You are refreshment, revival,
Jesus, You make me whole;
You are rhythm of my heart,
The eternal life of my soul.


Caroline Gavin ©June 2012

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