Take me to the secret garden
Where the flowers grow
Let me smell the blossom
Of the sweetest rose,
I want to stay, I want to be whole
Then this busy life will fade away
I need the peace a garden can display

Take me to the garden
Where birds and butterflies will stay,
I like to watch them sing and fly
I wish every day could be like today.
Where the sun shines
And becomes a golden sunset,
Where rain washes the sparkling trees
And there is the rainbow of promise
I have the faith to see.

I can taste the sweet stream
And watch the lake ripple,
While the duck takes a bath
To live in nature, that is all I ask.
Take me to the garden where you live
I can find your soul,
You have so much to give
You can fly me in the breeze
As I sit on a swing,
Flowers all around the vine,
I hear nature sing.

Let me hold your hand
Until Heaven calls-
The biggest garden of them all
I call your name, you smile
We are one with God,
He let us find this secret garden
So we could find His love anew,
I am always in Heaven
When I see nature, and you.

© Linda Ann Henry
do you remember me
the people's poet

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