The LORD Will Provide..........

I hear the rain fall,
I feel the wind blow;
Yet my Lord is in control,
I find comfort to know.

No matter what happens,
The Lord will provide;
He is with me always,
Yea, He walks by my side.

Should the way be treacherous,
Should my body grow weak,
I need only hold His hand,
I need only hear Him speak.

For His words are a balm,
Riches are in His right hand;
Faithfully Jesus leads me
To the Promised Land.

Surely Jehovah Jireh
Will provide for me too;
He will supply all my needs
And show me what to do.

The way may be treacherous,
My body may grow weak,
Yet I cling to His hand,
I listen to Him speak.

In all things, at all times,
My Lord is in control;
In my heart He lives,
His Spirit fills my soul.

Now the Son begins to shine,
I feel Godís blessings flow;
The Lord will provide,
His sweet providence I know.


Caroline Gavin ©Sept 2012
Purposeful Pathway

So Abraham called that place
The Lord Will Provide.
And to this day it is said,
On the mountain of the Lord
it will be provided.
Genesis 22:14

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