The Path..........

The Path..........

My friends, remember this desert land
And the lovely hacienda built in the sand
How happy we were to find this place
And enjoying having so much space.

Each day we walked the path together
Thanking God for the beautiful weather
Laughing and joking as friends will do
And yes, we got sand in our shoes.

The moon above was big and and bright
Our walks on the moonlight path a delight
The desert was peaceful and quiet
And we never had trouble sleeping at night.

Now the time has come to end our stay
Saying so long to friends is hard to say
Holding hands we begin to pray
And promised to meet again one day.

Glenna M. baugh © 2007
Living by Faith

"Enjoy walking with friends
on the path of life."
~Quote by Glenna~

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the path


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