All Things You Make New........

The cool morning air
Embraces to refresh me;
The dawn of a new morn
I now delight to see.

Dew blankets the earth,
Light streams through the trees,
Whispers of promise
Sing in the breeze.

This morning is precious,
It is unique and new;
Today I shall do things
I have yet to do.

All things You make new,
Yea, even each day;
All things You make new,
This is Your way.

A glimpse of Heaven,
Lord, surely You give
In the precious moments
Of this life I live.

Today I shall do things
I have yet to do;
May my every moment
Be pleasing unto You.

As dew blankets the earth,
As light streams through trees,
You whisper Your promises,
You sing in the breeze.

And as the cool morning air,
You embrace to refresh me;
All things You make new
Today and for all eternity.

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

He who was seated
on the throne said,
"I am making everything new!"
Then he said, "Write this down,
for these words
are trustworthy and true."
Revelation 21:5

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