This Is My Task.....

To read my bible each day
Follow Jesus in every way
Never doubt I will be okay
Trust in Him when I pray
This is my task.

Walk forever in His light
Keeping myself fit in His sight
Listen when He whispers, I am here
Believing He is always near
This is my task.

Be patient when trials come my way
Never give in to dismay
Follow His footsteps and never stray
Always have faith and obey
This is my task.

Soon my life on earth will be complete
My wonderful Savior I am ready to meet
I will kneel in prayer as evening falls
And be ready to meet Him when I am called
This will end my Task.

Glenna M. Baugh ©June 2008
Living By Faith

"When our task is completed, may
we be ready to meet Christ Jesus."
~Quote by Glenna~

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