Throne of Grace...............

Throne of Grace...............

Unto the Throne of Grace
Boldly my soul does go
Boundless mercy and love I find
The King of kings I know

Whither shall I ever go
Than here at my Masterís feet?
Whither shall I find myself
Than wrapped in His mercies sweet?

Oh, wondrous joy
Yes, endless wonder do I find
No one more lovely than my Lord
No one more gentle, meek and kind

For the Creator of the universe
Bids that with Him I should be
How could He have, how would He have
Ever set His sights upon me?

Made of dust am I
A vapor, a mere breath but fleeting
How can I then account
For my Masterís wondrous greeting?

His love, His glorious love
Yes, this is the answer to it all
His love is without limit
Ever my soul to enthrall

Sweet to be in my Saviorís arms
Grant, Lord, that I grow closer to You
Sweet to drink of Your eternal love
Your Living Water refreshing and true

Approach then I the Throne of Grace
With heart humble and eyes of wonder
Heavenly love and mercies I find
Upon which my heart does ponder

Rejoice I do in my Lord
I give to Him all of me
You, Lord, are my Everything
You, Lord, are All I see

Praise You, Almighty Jehovah
Praise You, Son on High
Praise You, Spirit of God
My spirit and Yours are nigh

And unto the Throne of Grace
Boldly my soul does go
Boundless mercy and love I find
For the King of kings I know


© Caroline Gavin

To the Throne of Grace boldly my soul does go;
Boundless mercy and love I find,
the King of kings I know!"
'Reflection by Caroline'

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