The only way to know the joy
The joy of being free,
Is to know there's chains that bind
That grip eternally.

We have to know how dead we are,
Before we'll seek the Lord,
We have to know we're bound in hell,
Before we'll crave His Word.

We need to fear the sin in us,
And know how bad we are,
To want to have the Life of Christ
Come, overtake our heart.

We'll need to know how lost our walk
Before we'll seek God's way,
The way that leads to heaven,
Where life will last always

We'll need to hunger, thirst
Before we'll crave for more
More than life today can offer,
More beyond death's door.

It's only when we know we're caught
That we will cry for help,
And then The Lord will reach right down
And draw us to Himself.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ŠJan2011
Poetry from the Heart

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