Alone with You, Jesus,
Blissfully alone,
I feel I am Yours,
You are my own.

Though billions You love,
You love me intimately;
This marvels my mind,
Lord, how can it be?

Daughter, I love you
More than words can say;
I ask you to draw nearer
To My heart each day.

For in My heart
Treasures you will find;
I will make you lovelier,
More holy and kind.

Yes, though I love all,
Intimately I love you;
This is hard to fathom, child,
Yet trust it is true.

Come here in My arms,
Let Me hold you tight;
Do you now feel surely
That all will be alright?

The hairs on your head,
I have counted each strand;
So I ask you, precious one,
To trust all I have planned.

I love you, My child,
Forever I love you indeed;
I am here always
To fill your every need.

All that I ask
Is that you return My love;
Stay in My arms,
Keep your eyes fixed above.

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

Luke 12:7
"Indeed, the very hairs of your
head are all numbered. Don't be afraid;
you are worth more than many sparrows."


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