Your Love For Me Lord Jesus........


At Your feet I worship You,
Nothing, Lord, am I;
I think of Your love for me,
That You should choose to die.

How can this be, my Master?
How can You love me so?
Ingratitude and sinfulness
Surely my life did show.

Hard for my heart to bear
Is the vision of Your pain;
Such anguish You embrace
That eternal life I gain.

Thorns crown Your brow,
Blood trickles down Your cheek;
Agonized though You are,
You muster strength to speak.

Daughter, how I love you,
I long that you and I unite;
Dark though this day may be,
May it be always your light.

For herein may you see
The love I hold for you;
On this Cross may you see
My love eternal and true.

My Lifeblood I now pour
That life you shall claim;
Unite yourself with Me,
Our wills one and the same.

Your words pierce my heart,
For my sins are the nails;
Surely You are my Savior,
The King my soul hails.

Yea, Lord, I give myself
To You and to Your will;
Unite me to Your heart,
My soul Your Spirit fill.

I marvel Your love for me,
That You should choose to die;
I worship at Your feet, Jesus,
Forever Yours, Lord, am I.

Caroline Gavin ŠJune 2012
Purposeful Pathway

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