All That I Can Be

I can be loving, and I can be kind
I can be playful, like I don't have good mind
I can comfort others, within my arms
I can flirt and tease, showing my charms

I can offer prayers to God for you
I can express my love, which is true
I hold a lot of love within my heart
All these many blessings just to start
I can shower you with passionate kisses
Showing to you what true bliss is
I can cuddle with you on a cold winter night
While the fire gives out its glowing light

I can cook you a dinner with a gourmet touch
Whispering in your ear, "I love you so much"
I'll spend a night caressing you wild and tender
You'll feel content. knowing I'm not a pretender
There are many ways I can show my devotion
Giving love deep and wide as any ocean
Only if you love me, as much as I love you
And you remain with me steady and true

We have come thus far and it has been great
We have accepted this tremendous fate
Always caring and sharing, with hearts united
Freeing our emotions and feeling delighted

© 2006 Norma Duncan ~aka~ Mistymaiden

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