Romantic e-cards

It's My Heart

Being with You

For a Woman~
Glow Lady

~Husband, boyfriend in the Military ~
My Own Hero

The beauty of Love

With Each Gentle Touch

I See My Reflection

If I Could

Looking Through
The Eyes Of Love

I Have Loved You

My Rose

Do you remember

Time Stands Still

A Warm Embrace

Dreams and Reality

A Place For Us

You Told Me You Loved Me

Love Me To The End Of Time

I Want What Is Best For You

You Are My Anchor In The Storm

Our Wonderful Relationship

Joys We Share

You're Always On My Mind

I Have Loved You Through All Seasons


My Love, My Dearest Love

Love Is All

A Beloved's Kiss

How Can I Make You Feel My Love

How much do I love you

Miss you Need you

All I Know Of Love

To Someone Special

Let Us Live Forever After

Take Me To Your Castle Far From Here

I Woke Up Into This Dream

To Know Love, Four Lips Must Touch

God Bless Our Love

No Truer Love

Precious and Few

For My Love Language

By Candle's Glow

True Love

Love Flows

Give A Rose

Feelings Of Love

Before The Night Is Over

I Love You Enough

I Have Dreams For You And Me

I Always Knew

I Am So Glad It Was You

Far, Far Away

Everywhere I Am, There You Be

Even Now

Day Dreams

Always In My Heart

My Sweet Love

A butterflies love

I Never Knew

I See You In My Dreams

Somewhere in time

Walk with me


How deep is my love

Forever in your eyes

Longer Than Forever

My wonderful Love

Butterfly, come home to me

Before Our Song Is Over

A Special Little Butterfly

Come Walk With Me

Since You Stepped Into My Life

You came into my life


Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii II

Hello Dolly

I believe in dreams

I Love You

You Are Here With Me

When I Close My Eyes

In Your Eyes

My Love

Do You See Me

I See The Moon

To My Soul Mate

Thanks For Your Love And Support

Wonderful You

Missing You My Love

I Do Not Dare

My One True Love

You Are My Forever

Cherry Blossom Lanes

A Very Special Lady

Love Notes

April Love

Sea Of Love

To The One I Love

Good-bye Is Not An Option

If Hearts Could Speak

Precious and Few


Forever Love

God Bless Our Love

Their Long Time Love

All That I Can Be

You Mean So Much To Me

Rest In My Love

I'll ALWays Love You

Big Brass Bed

All I Know Of Love

Before The Night Is Over

Once Upon A Dream

Always There For Each Other

Mystic Word of Love

Bound By Yearning

Love Beyond Comprehension

Love's Sweet Bliss

Dancing The Night Away

Love's Wonderful Gift

Softly Love Speaks

Time Slips Away

Sunshine On My Shoulder

Forever in your eyes

Come What May

You Came Into My Life

I must be taught to love

Loving Each Other Quietly

Never Take love For Granted

Always In Love

I Will Love You Until

Love Was Found

Alone Together

You and I Were Meant to be

Questions to Ask Ourself

Let Me Share Your Thoughts

Long Lasting Relationships

About Love

What Are The Answers

Let Me Share Your Thoughts

Our Tender Romance

Romance Me Again

Our Time Together

Angel Of My Life

It Is Always There

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