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*My Father's Love

*Just Beside The Door

*Newtown, Connecticut-All Children go to Jesus

*Newtown, Connecticut-The Child in your Hand

*A Pretty Quiet Day


*Dusk Time Dreaming

*Moments Shared

*Jewels Of Friendship

*Daisy for You


Friend-Framed in Roses

Mother's day- Mother
A Cup Of Love For My Mother

Mother's day- Daughter
A Cup Of Love For My Daughter

Mother's day- Aunt
A Cup Of Love For My Aunt

Mother's day- Grandma
A Cup Of Love For My Grandma

Mother's day- Niece
A Cup Of Love For My Niece

Mother's day- Daughter-in-law
A Cup Of Love For My Daughter-in-law

Mother's day- Mum-in-law
A Cup Of Love For My Mum-in-law

Mother's day- Sister
A Cup Of Love For My Sister

Mother's day- Grandaughter
A Cup Of Love For My Grandaughter

Mother's day- Sis-in-law
Lilacs For My Sis-in-law

Mother's day- Friend-
Like A Mother To Me

Mother's day- Military-
For Love Of Country

Mother's Cameo

Mother's day Daughter
My Sweet Daughter

Mother's day- Mom-in-law

Mother's day- Flowers For My Aunt

Mother's day- Rose For My Friend

Happy Mothers Day Mommy

Mother's day- Grandmother Of God's Delight

Mother's day- Flowers for my Friend

Mother's day- Daughter Of My Heart

Mother's day- For My Mawmaw

Mother's Day-My Mother's Bouquet

Mother's Day-Love To My Mother-Friend

My Friend Came By

Beauty Lies In Your Eyes

Beary Lovely

Warm Hearts

Peace, Joy & Hope

Our Cuppa Tea

Springtime Friend

Morning Musings

Love To A Friend

Remembering My Friend

Whatcha' Doin

A Promise Forever

Sweet Slumber

You're Always On My Mind

I Give To You This Rose

Friends Are More Than Special

The Hi Diddle Middle

God's Little Dove

Spring Comes To The Mountains

Sorrow's Gift

If I Am Hushed

Rainbows Break Through

Warm Whate'er The Chill

As My Treasure

There Is A Key

A Tunnel Is A Tunnel


No Bars Hold

Keeping Us Together

That I May Know Your Will

The Path Ahead

The One I Know

Walking Together

Dying That I Live

It Is I

Shelf Life

When Prompted

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Mother's Day-Newborn-
Expectant Mother-Friends

Index 7
Father's Day-Friends-
Inspirational-Summer Autumn~

Index 8
Friends- Sring-Summer

Index 9
Friends- Sring-Inspirational-Mother's day

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